“Matter” is the new smart home standard and Becker is already onboard!

Becker-Antriebe GmbH is now a “participant” in the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), an umbrella organisation of renowned manufacturers who are…

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A simple solution for a second escape route

New EscapeSet from Becker
Two escape routes are now required in every unit with common areas in an increasing number of buildings (e.g. individual…

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Market launch of the CentronicPLUS Cube

The new CentronicPlus wireless system from Becker is now compatible with homee
Becker is continuing its strategy of openness. After already…

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Compatible with the Centronic radio standard: New generation of wall transmitters from Becker-Antriebe GmbH

Becker is launching a new generation of the popular Centronic radio-controlled wall transmitter on the market. The range has been expanded to include…

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A “one-for-all control system”

Becker is introducing a new, universal central control unit for all of its systems: the CentralControl CC41. It will thus replace the previous CC31…

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