Renovate with the EnOcean world of solutions

Battery-free and easy to install

The vocational school teacher Jens Maage only started renovating his house that was built in the 1970s last year. And the work has just been completed or – as is often the case – has really only just begun. Once you have acquired a taste for it, you find yourself quickly looking around for the next project. After fitting new windows last year, Jens Maage realised that he could also automate the roller shutters – a perfect way to deliver some real home comforts. In the end, he retrofitted Becker drives to a total of eleven windows. Why did he choose Becker? He doesn’t need to think long before answering: “Becker make good products and have a good reputation here in the region”, he explains. The company based in Sinn in Hesse is located only a few kilometres from where he lives.

But as the walls had only just been freshly plastered during the first renovation phase, he wasn’t keen to open them up again to lay the control cables for the roller shutter drives. Laying cables on top of the plaster was also out of the question. But what was the answer? Becker-Antriebe GmBH offered a convenient solution: drives with an integrated EnOcean radio module. The EnOcean radio transmitter doesn’t need either a cable or batteries. This pioneering technology opens up a completely new world of solutions. A world in which, for example, a light switch can simply be stuck anywhere in the room – yet still fills the room with light as soon as you press it – or where a switch can be used – as was the case here – to activate the drives for roller shutters. How does it work? “I also had no idea how it worked in the beginning”, says Maage with a laugh. It is a clever solution that uses battery-free radio switches and radio sensors. They collect and store tiny amounts of energy from their immediate environment. This is because wherever sensors record measurement values, they also change their energy state. This small amount of energy is sufficient to transmit the wireless signals. And this makes it possible to directly control and activate the roller shutters.

EnOcean makes planning and installation processes significantly easier
Every single roller shutter owned by the Maage family is now connected to its own OPUS® radio transmitter that enable them to be controlled and operated. The EnOcean wireless module is directly located in the drive itself. This means that it does not require an external actuator fitted flush to the wall or on a top-hat rail. Planning and installation processes are thus significantly easier. Jens Maage only has positive things to say about the installation process and the service provided by Becker. “The products were delivered promptly and the installation was done really quickly. The only problem I had was when I later tried to control the drive in the office but Becker was on hand to quickly provide me with required help over the phone. Everything now works reliably.”

The newly renovated living space has been enhanced with automated roller shutters.

With their simple design, the OPUS® radio transmitter fit perfectly into every living space.

Thanks to the roller shutters in the living rooms, the family is perfectly prepared to handle various different weather conditions in both the winter and summer.

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