An interface for all applications

Becker’s 16-way SMI actuator ensures efficient building automation
Creating a better quality of life within and around your own four walls and the advance of digitalisation are becoming an increasingly inseparable entity. It is thus no wonder that the demands placed on intelligent concepts for building automation are continuing to grow. Especially now as summer is reaching its high point, consumers have more than earned a shady place in which to retreat. Becker-Antriebe GmbH offers the perfect solutions in this area. The sector specialists based in Hesse develop intuitive and cleverly networked sun protection systems to ensure that smart home advocates can keep a cool head.

Less effort, more possibilities: Smart living at the push of a button
Imagine that you are lying comfortably on the sofa and you want to lower the Venetian blinds in the living room without having to get up so you can spend the evening watching TV, retract the awning over the roof terrace at the same time and lower the roller shutters in the bedroom in advance ready for a good night's sleep later on. None of these things are a problem if all of the components for your outdoor and indoor shading systems have been integrated into the same system. The new SMI actuator from Becker now allows you to control, add or remove as many as 16 drives via this type of interface. It enables you to enjoy automated living to the full and easily configure the drives using mobile end devices. The accompanying Bluetooth app is available to download free of charge in the Google Play store and App Store. The biggest advantage offered by this standard motor interface actuator is that it can simultaneously control 16 components via a 5-wire mains voltage line. Thanks to its compact, space-saving design including a transparent cover to prevent unintentional operation, it leaves a lot of space free in the distribution box. It also reduces laborious cabling work in this way. The system can be manually operated centrally using the buttons on the device, while an independent driver makes any additional programming of the actuator for correctly testing the motor connection unnecessary. Both of these features make things even simpler and more convenient for customers. Corresponding information on how to set the correct end positions is solely and exclusively available from Becker.

Faster, further and more precise – also in combination with other manufacturers
Especially in comparison with conventional KNX models that can usually only communicate with two drive components, the SMI benefits from faster (2400 bit/sec) and bi-directional data transmission (also over a distance of up to 350 metres) for extremely precise activation of the individual shading modules. It can also be used to send commands, for example, to easily move the components into different intermediate positions. Furthermore, the same settings can be used for components from a wide variety of manufacturers. It is thus possible to set up any combination of components from different manufacturers without any problem.

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