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The escape door set opens automated roller shutters even in extreme situations or in the event of a power cut


Second escape route

If roller shutters on windows or doors are equipped with electric drives, the issue of whether they can be used as a second escape route quickly arises for managers of large buildings and also increasingly for private building owners and tenants. A second escape route is increasingly required by the state building authorities in Germany to enable people to safely escape to the outside in the event of an emergency – even if there has been a power cut or the first escape route has become blocked, for example, due to a fire in the stairwell. In these cases, motors that can be operated via a manual crank in the event of a power cut have mostly been used up to now. However, the situation can quickly become critical if the crank has been lost over the years or if visibility is severely restricted due to smoke, not to mention the considerable amount of time it takes to raise a heavy roller shutter by hand using a crank. Therefore, Becker-Antriebe GmbH is now offering a new solution in the form of its escape door set to satisfy more stringent safety requirements and also to ensure that the convenience of automated roller shutters can also be provided for second escape routes. The drive and control experts from Hesse have even considered the worst case scenario and come up with the ideal solution.

A battery backup enables reliable evacuation
The escape door set from Becker mainly consists of a direct current drive, a control unit and a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is simply plugged into the central control module. The latter is constantly provided with power during mains operations so that it is able to jump in and automatically raise the shutter in the event of a power cut. Naturally, the battery is also protected against overcharging and deep discharging. Before the capacity of the rechargeable battery starts to deteriorate naturally, an acoustic signal is emitted after the shutter has been raised 1000 times or after 2 years to indicate that it should be replaced as a precautionary measure. The warning signal also sounds if the battery charge drops for any other reasons. The control unit can be easily installed in either a flush-mounted electronic box or in a dual cavity wall box. The enclosed wiring harness enables numerous connection possibilities at the interface – from single or group operating buttons and smoke detectors through to other floating controls. The control unit can also be easily integrated into the Centronic wireless system from Becker using a receiver.

Additional safety
In the event of a fire and extreme heat, it is of course possible in the worst case scenario that not only the power supply but also the control unit is affected. Becker is the only manufacturer to equip its system with an obligatory safety switch for this scenario. The safety switch is marked with a red frame and reliably raises the roller shutter when activated even if the control unit is no longer functioning properly. “Automated roller shutters are now standard in many buildings and households”, says Peter Graben, Product Manager at Becker. “Therefore, it was important to us that our customers were also able to enjoy the same level of convenience for their second escape route and our specialist partners now have a solution that offers the required level of safety for every possible situation.”

Complete set for installation
The complete set – which includes everything except the roller shutter and the shaft – that is required for the installation, connection and operation of the solution for second escape routes makes things easy for fitters. In addition, all of the components are perfectly matched with one another to guarantee a smooth installation process and safe operation of the system.