Ein Messestand von Becker Antriebe und ein konzentrierter Mitarbeiter mit Becker Hemd

Insights into the world of BECKER

Smart sun protection assistant for all weathers


Summer has treated us to record-breaking temperatures and plenty of sunshine this year. It has been the perfect time for modern sun protection to show what it can do. Because nowadays intelligent drives and automation systems make it very easy to block out the heat using roller shutters, awnings etc. and breathe easy in a cool home. Becker-Antriebe GmbH provides the very solutions. The experts from Hesse are taking practical steps towards creating a Smart Home because, in addition to comfort, cleverly networked sun protection brings a whole host of other benefits.

Sensitive sensors

With CentralControl at the heart of Becker’s centralised home automation, the sun protection controls itself completely independently around the house. Programmed devices such as roller shutters, screens, roller blinds and awnings are fitted with automated drives and various sensors that transmit their values to a central unit in the home. If previously defined values are exceeded or not met, the system responds and takes a corresponding action independently. As an example: If the sunlight is too strong, the awning extends and the roller shutters come down on the relevant side of the house. This saves tedious cranking and the time-consuming process of closing of the shutters by hand. So anyone who is out and about when the sun is at its peak can look forward to a cool house upon their return. One positive side effect is that the system saves on costly air conditioning and also helps to prevent furniture and floors from fading.

It goes without saying that the Becker sensors can also detect a change in the weather. For example, if a thunderstorm blows in and the awning is at risk of damage from violent gusts, it will be retracted at just the right time. The same applies to rain. In this case too, the awning closes automatically and, depending on the setting, the shutters also come down to protect the windows. Stored lock times prevent the awning from constantly moving in and out when the skies are cloudy. No matter which side of the house the sun is shining on, or whether it has momentarily disappeared behind a cloud, you can rely on sun protection in all situations.

Listening out for voice commands

“Almost everything can be linked and controlled via the central house automation. This includes the lights, heating and garage door”, explains Norbert Huttel, Head of Training at Becker. In addition to sun protection, automated solutions ensure greater safety, comfort and quality of life – and are now even easier to operate. CentralControl can now be controlled by voice. “We have developed an Alexa skill that makes it easy to integrate our system into Amazon speech recognition. Anyone who has created different scenarios on their CentralControl can now activate these by voice command,” says Norbert Huttel. The pre-programmed devices then carry out defined actions without any further intervention. This also makes it easy for older people or those with disabilities to benefit from the advantages of networked home automation.

Users of the intelligent Becker solution can easily keep track of the position in which a device is currently located and check that everything is OK. If you like, you can even access your CentralControl and customise settings from your smartphone, tablet or PC while you’re on the move. Perfect for relaxed living in summer and winter.