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Smart home brochure for end customers


Information on smart home automation at a glance

When is a home considered “smart”? How can I operate my roller shutters via a smartphone? What can I integrate into the system? Many specialist dealers will be only too familiar with these and other questions. The concept of a smart home is a subject everyone is talking about – and something that is hard to avoid these days. There are numerous solutions available: Do users simply want to be able to operate rollers shutters and sun protection systems via a smartphone and other devices or do they want to integrate sensors that will, for example, automatically lower the roller shutters if a defined temperature is exceeded? Users often have very different requirements – and thus there are a variety of different solutions. We have created a smart home brochure to help you – as a specialist dealer – provide end customers with a little assistance and give them some initial information to take home with them.

Good reasons
Drives and control units for roller shutters and sun protection systems have long been vital components of a well-equipped smart home. They provide more comfort, security and freedom – enabling people to lead an independent life to a ripe old age and giving them more time for the important things in life. We have to complete numerous tasks and remember a thousand different things on a daily basis. Smart drives and control systems ensure that roller shutters are no longer one of these things.
An integrated timer with defined opening and closing times or an astronomy function mean that roller shutters can operate themselves. An additional light sensor will automatically lower the roller shutter in the event of too much sun and maintain a pleasant indoor climate. In addition, these intelligent products make it easier for you to stay living within your own four walls – no matter whether you have a disability or have reached old age. The smart home simply handles those tasks that you find difficult. The controls and settings for roller shutters, lights, heating or an awning can be adapted to the specific requirements of your customers.

You can feel safe here
The holiday season is a particularly profitable time of the year for thieves. Yet a presence simulator using a timer is a quick solution for making your customer's home appear occupied and thus uninteresting to burglars. An additional window contact or the Becker glass breakage sensor can be used to automatically lower roller shutters if a window is opened unintentionally.

Valuable energy
No matter whether its summer or winter, day or night: Depending on the type of building, energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved with automated roller shutters and sun protection systems. Precise controls prevent any heating up of living rooms in the summer and make expensive air conditioning systems unnecessary, while they keep things cosy and warm in the winter and reduce heating costs to a minimum.

It’s all logical
Whatever your customers want to intelligently automate and link up, the CentralControl unit from Becker ensures that everything comes together. As the heart of the system, it controls roller shutters, sun protection systems, lights and even heating. The individual settings can be easily entered using a tablet or smartphone. The user interface developed for this purpose is clearly arranged and self-explanatory. The system can handle almost any task from simply raising and lowering roller shutters through to complex logic.

The so-called logic editor in the CentralControl unit allows users to define dependencies (if/then actions). The required data is supplied by smart sensors. As soon as e.g. a defined value has been exceeded, the CentralControl unit triggers a previously defined action. For example, the “heat protection” scenario keeps things comfortable in the summer. If the temperature exceeds the 30°C mark, the roller shutters for the living rooms and bedrooms will close autonomously. And when the days start to grow shorter in the autumn, the “safety” scenario leaves users feeling reassured. As soon as a window contact registers that a window has been unintentionally opened, the system will automatically lower the roller shutters. Uninvited guests are thus kept outside.

Wired or wireless?
Becker offers your customers flexible solutions in this context by also allowing them to turn their abode into a smart home using a wired solution. Already installed drives without an integrated wireless system can be easily retrofitted. An external radio receiver that was specially developed by Becker is simply fitted between the drive and the existing wall switch. It reliably transfers the radio signal to the CentralControl unit and thus clears the way for smart living.

An easy solution
Home automation can be a complex subject – but not with Becker. We have developed recommend packages for this reason to make it easier for you and your customers to get started. The “comfort” package, for example, comprises the CentralControl unit, one remote control power socket and one 1-channel hand-held transmitter. Or you can offer your customers the “safety” package ready for autumn. This could comprise e.g. the central unit, a network camera for monitoring an outdoor area and a window contact. Or you can put together your own package as this system places almost no limits on your own ideas and concepts.