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Insights into the world of BECKER

Silent running genius: the new EVO drive from Becker


Makes automated shutters virtually silent and is more flexible than ever

That Becker roller shutter drives are extremely quiet is no secret. So inevitably the question arose: Can they get even quieter? The engineers at the Hesse-based company wanted to find out – and the result is their new EVO wired drive generation. The name says it all. After all, evolution builds on the existing, while developing its very own strengths. Although the EVO drive is based on the proven E03 with electronic limit switching, the technical design is completely different. This makes the “new kid on the block” so quiet that it is barely audible.

Easy change of operating speed

If you have particularly sensitive ears, you can reduce the sound level even further by simply reducing the speed of the drive. And that’s another strength of the new development: the operating mode is easy to change with a manual command, according to the situation. The EVO drive can handle three variants effortlessly: fast, slow or “ramped”. “In ramped operation, the drive starts slowly and then gets faster and faster until it reaches maximum speed. Then it slows down again before finally reaching the end position,” explains Peter Graben, Product Manager at Becker. Users benefit from the greatest possible flexibility thanks to these setting options.

Intelligent features and easy integration

Setting the end positions is also simple with EVO – it is automatic and works with both flexible suspension springs and rigid shaft connectors. The integrated soft stop at the top also protects the roller shutter system and ensures that the drive adapts perfectly to the roller shutter. Other proven Becker strengths: in the case of anti-lifting devices, the EVO drive automatically increases its contact pressure while its sensitive obstruction detection in the downwards direction plus automatic disablement if the blind is frozen solid protect it from damage. In addition, the wired EVO drive can, of course, be integrated into Becker’s CentralControl, or any other building automation system, via a suitable actuator. After all, everyone at Becker is committed to making it as easy as possible for their partners and customers and ensuring that all their solutions are fully compatible.

Analysis and evaluation via app

Becker's new, state-of-the-art drive is also equipped with a Bluetooth interface as standard. And for a very good reason. After all, the engineers at Becker have also been working on an app which makes it easy to identify the built-in drive via a mobile phone, analyse possible errors and evaluate cycles. A special activation process keeps everything secure. So the technician has everything in view – and evolution takes its course.