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Insights into the world of BECKER

One app, two applications


The smart innovation from Becker simplifies the setting of the new EVO roller shutter drive and the maintenance of gates

Extremely quiet and flexible operation: These are the strengths of the new EVO drive from Becker that have ensured it has received an enthusiastic response in the field of wired automation for roller shutters as of this year. The EVO series can be operated in three different drive modes – fast, slow or “ramping”. “Ramping” means that the drive starts slowly and then gets increasingly faster. After reaching its maximum speed, it slows down again before reaching its end position.

Now there is another highlight that both specialist dealers and private users can look forward to. To make setting the revolutionary generation of drives even more convenient and flexible, a service app is now available to download free of charge with immediate effect. Data is transferred quickly and easily via an integrated Bluetooth interface on the drive. A special activation procedure provides security during this process: The interface is only supplied with electricity when the Bluetooth receiver has been activated and the EVO drive has also been operated in a predefined sequence. This provides lasting protection against unauthorised access.

EVO: Precise values, practical features

“Our app enables you to adjust the speeds of slow and fast operation very precisely. These are then automatically adopted by the ramping mode”, explains Maik Wiegelmann, Head of the Becker Academy. The positions at which the roller shutters start to move faster or slow down can also be precisely defined and amended at any time. Special functions such as the anti-freeze mechanism and fly screen protection can also be quickly activated using a smartphone. “We have developed the app to make things easier for our partners and users”, emphasises Maik Wiegelmann. “Therefore, we will of course be continuously enhancing the app in the future.” The experts are currently adding, for example, a smart calculation program. It will automatically calculate the right drive for the size of the installed rollers shutter. It is already possible to download the complete installation manual for roller shutter and sun protection system drives. A particularly practical feature: The manual is saved offline in PDF format and is thus available at all times. In addition, demo mode enables users to test the app without having to already install an EVO drive in advance.

Quick and secure control of industrial gates

The Becker app also has powerful features for industrial gates. Becker is currently the only manufacturer that enables its BDC series of control units to be optionally fitted with an NFC circuit board, which can also be easily retrofitted. “Even when disconnected from the power supply, our app is thus still able to access the control unit, which naturally makes analysing and actively troubleshooting the unit significantly easier and faster during maintenance. To quickly get the gate moving again, the fitter is also provided with all information about the control options, serial numbers and software status. It is also possible to display a precise evaluation of the cycles and operating hours that the control unit has completed. A further highlight: It is not only possible to read information via the app but also to write it. This makes it really easy to document the results of an analysis and then directly send the report in PDF format by email or messenger. The same is also true for the complete set of parameters that can be read in advance as a csv file. Whether a gate control unit, EVO drive or even more devices in future: The Becker app means that you always have all of the important information to hand.