Ein Messestand von Becker Antriebe und ein konzentrierter Mitarbeiter mit Becker Hemd

Insights into the world of BECKER

Fresh software, new functions


The radio drives in Becker’s C01 range have long provided customers with a convenient solution for the intelligent automation of roller shutters. The company has now improved its classic product even further with a software update that makes assembly and start-up even more straightforward.

Three main benefits

The drive can now be controlled using any standard 1-way switch. This ensures maximum flexibility and is a real advantage when retrofitting. Anyone who wishes to exchange their wired drive for a new radio drive can simply continue using their existing 1-way switch. The update also makes it easier to change pre-programmed intermediate positions which can be activated by double-tapping the 1-way switch. These are simply overwritten and no longer have to be deleted in advance. Setting the anti-freeze mechanism and fly screen protection function now takes less time than ever before. It is no longer necessary to use the programming button to perform actions of this kind as they can now be activated directly. As a reliable partner, Becker has again remained true to its principle of making home automation easier for everyone.