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Insights into the world of BECKER

A secure and smart start to autumn


The days are getting shorter – and when the evenings get dark it is the perfect time for burglars to try their luck at windows and doors without being seen. This is particularly true when the residents are not at home – around 70% of burglaries happen when homeowners are out and about. Broken windows or doors, empty cupboards and rifled drawers not only leave behind material damage, but also an uneasy feeling of being insecure in one’s own home. This can easily be prevented with intelligent home automation.

For example, timers, sensors or the central home automation system CentralControl can be used to close the roller shutters automatically to make the house look inhabited. Other elements including lights, heating or electrical systems can also be included and can even be operated by smartphone while on the move if required.

The home works by itself – with help from home automation and sensors on windows etc.

A house that looks inhabited is often enough to deter many thieves from attempting a burglary. If they do still try to tamper with windows, intelligent sensors can provide a real solution. For example, you can use CentralControl’s logic editor to conveniently set “when-then” functions to provide extra security. If the system detects an attempted break-in, a previously defined action is triggered immediately, such as the automatic closing of the roller shutters. The CC51 receives information from corresponding contacts on doors and/or windows, which can be easily integrated into the system using the KNX radio standard.

Panic button for emergencies

Home automation can also provide help quickly for anyone who wakes up with a start during the night thinking they can hear unfamiliar noises. With just a tap of the finger, you can trigger a previously stored scenario using a remote control. This enables you to set up a panic button that will quickly get rid of intruders. Depending on the setting, the shutters might open or the lights and radio could come on. This startles the intruder who then leaves the house.

The home automation system offers additional safety and comfort even if you are not at home and are simply wondering if everything is OK. And while you’re on the move, you can access your CentralControl and keep a constant eye on your own home – complete with camera pictures if you wish. Equipped for any event, you can sit back and relax.