Ein Messestand von Becker Antriebe und ein konzentrierter Mitarbeiter mit Becker Hemd

Insights into the world of BECKER

100 years of Becker-Antriebe GmbH


Intelligently shaping the future

(Sinn). Becker-Antriebe GmbH – the specialist for drives and control units for roller shutters, sun protection systems and other applications – that is based in Sinn in Hesse is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Where did the company start, how did it reach its 100th anniversary and what has the company experienced during this time? A major anniversary is a good opportunity to pause, take stock and glance in the rear view mirror before looking to the future again with renewed energy. Managing partner Hans Joachim Wiegelmann is the grandson of the company’s founder Emil Becker and has known the company since his childhood. “Even as a young boy of preschool age, I was allowed to accompany my grandfather through the machine shops and had the opportunity to ask questions and observe the production processes. It was probably my grandfather Emil who passed on the love for and sense of belonging to the company”, remembers Hans Joachim Wiegelmann.

How it all began
Everything started for Becker in a mechanical workshop founded by Emil Becker in 1921. A few years after the workshop was founded, Adolf Becker joined his brother Emil and added his expertise in the electronics sector. The company grew steadily up to the 1950s when Becker started production of its first series-production products. These included a steering knuckle for the gearbox on the three-wheel TEMPO truck and shafts for the Lavamat washing machines produced by the companies AEG and CANDY in Italy. In 1965, the company decided to start developing and manufacturing door drives and the associated control units specifically for industrial applications. The next technical development was the tubular drive that was launched on the market in 1971 as an alternative to mechanical winding systems. The launch of the tubular drive was certainly one of the most important milestones in the history of the company. “The company can thank my father Dr. Hans Wiegelmann for the tubular drive. He had a large panorama window installed in our living room and my mother Hilde wanted him to fit an electric roller shutter to the window. However, my father thought that the products available on the market were too expensive and believed that he could produce a cheaper and above all better product himself. This sparked the development of the first tubular drive”, explains Hans Joachim Wiegelmann.

Now and in the future
Hans Joachim Wiegelmann believes that values such as trust and respect, a strong desire to innovate and the courage to follow new paths are the secrets behind the success of the company. Becker also intends to remain a family-run company that produces products “Made in Germany” in the future. Two of his three sons work at the company – Maik and Julian Wiegelmann. The guiding motto for the next generation is to remain conscious of the values the company has developed over the years while having the courage to implement new innovations. When it comes to the management of the company, Managing Director Jürgen Timm Becker believes that the company is in very good hands: “With my authorised signatories Frank Haubach (Sales/Marketing) and André Wißing (Technical Director), as well as Maik Wiegelmann (Managing Partner and Head of the Becker Academy), we have a management team that brings together experience and expertise from various specialist fields. I am more of a “numbers man” by nature and primarily place my focus on the areas of finance, human resources, purchasing and IT.” But Becker is not only excellently positioned for the future from an organisational standpoint: Thanks to new product developments – such as the CentronicPLUS wireless system or the new CC41 central control unit for roller shutters and sun protection systems – Becker is making further strides in the development of forward-looking products for the smart automation of the home.