Vertical windows for living and working areas

New product development is becoming more and more popular on the Turkish market

The vertical windows, which are developed in Turkey, have been used mainly in cafes and restaurants for recent years, as increasingly widespread to other areas, now become an essential fact for housings. These products, called “vertical windows” colloquially, provide great convenience to house and business owners, while the quality of the materials used as well as the technology possess great importance. Erdinc Yazganoğlu, Becker's Turkey General Manager, stated that the vertical windows spread rapidly in Europe as well while drawing attention to the great importance of the use of high-quality materials and technology. Becker-Antriebe produces drives and controls for roller shutter, sun protection and door applications as well as intelligent solutions for home automation.




Permanent suspension

Yazganoğlu reminded that the vertical window applications, which provide great convenience to the users, in terms of both ease of use and space saving as the vertical windows started taking place of glass balconies. Yazganoğlu also added: “The use of high quality and high standard products carries great importance for the installation of these innovative systems. Motors that activate the system must be of high-quality and work reliable. In some applications, glasses with a weight exceeding 200 kilograms with their structural shapes can be constantly hung. It is of utmost importance, that these systems are installed by competent companies and the products are high-tech. It is also crucial, that the rising windows are supposed to automatically retract in the event of encountering any jam, in order to avoid possible accidents.”







98 housing applications in Gaziemir

Erdinç Yazganoğlu reminded, that they made an exemplary work of the latest technology products for the vertical window applications of the Siesta Houses project, which consist of 98 houses, built by Koçsa Construction in Gaziemir-Sarnıç. Yazganoğlu also added that the system used by Tube Engines with C12 Receivers developed by Becker's R&D keeps user safety at the top level against the risk of jamming.


„Europeans are quite surprised“

The vertical window applications are used in cafes and restaurants in Turkey first time in the world, as it is wide spreading rapidly in Europe currently. Erdinç Yazganoğlu stated, that the vertical windows attract a great deal of attention of the European customers as the applications become more popular day by day among the businesses owned by Turkish people in Europe. Yazganoğlu also added, “Europeans are very surprised when they see the vertical window systems, but the first question they ask is about whether the system is safe.” Especially in businesses with a large front area, the weights of windows sometimes can be up to 200-250 kilograms including their structural shape as well as they are hung all the time. The vertical window system should not put both the users and the customers at any risk or endanger as it is a very comfortable and innovative product. In order to acquire this objective, both the use of high-tech materials and installations performed by competent companies carry the utmost importance.